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Featured Chic…DJ Lissa Monet

DJ Lissa Monet

We see you girl! With a style and presence like Miss Monet’s you can’t help but gravitate to her. DJ Lissa Monet is her name, get it right LISSA [Lih sah]. This iconic DJ Stylus Award winner is making major moves in and outside the city. She is leaving her signature “flavour in your ear” in every clubs scene. You just gotta love Miss DJ Lissa Monet she’s that versatile, out side the box, sassy trend setter in both her DJing and style regimen.

It was a pleasure to interview this DJing bombshell. I adore this chick! Be enlightened…

DJ Lissa Monet’s Interview:

FC: Miss DJ Lissa Monet, I must say that you are the hottest/ flavourful female DJ, that I know of, in Toronto. We see your name on all the exclusive or signature parties/events in the city. How did you get into this turn table industry? Was it always a passion of yours to be a DJ or did you stumble into it?

LM: I was told to actually *laughing*…I started to go to parties at a really young age, and I was so into the music that one of my DJ friends DJ Kap’n Kirk told me I should just start DJing. I went to a high school for the arts (Cardinal Carter Academy) so I always knew I wanted to be in music. Once I decided that I didn’t want to be a singer, or a dancer *lol* I took interest in the business of music and I got myself into the music industry being a personal assistant to a lot of industry kats.

I LOVE DJing but I also love the business of music and what goes on behind the scenes.

FC: How long have you been keeping those heads bobbing in the club scene?

LM: I have been spinning since 2000, but I just started getting steady gigs in the club in the past two years.

FC: The DJ industry is highly competitive, especially being a woman, how does this “go-to-girl” manage to stay in the spotlight? What is your strategy/technique?

LM: Honestly, it’s hard. When you have a lot of hats (I currently consult small businesses on SEO Marketing and online marketing strategies) you always run into the possibility of stretching yourself thin. And that means not seeing your friends, and sometimes your family and loved ones. It’s a risk you take. Hopefully hard work will pay off. There really is no technique per se, I just like to keep in contact with everyone who appreciates what I do and the new music and mixtapes that I bring to them.

FC: Now, I wouldn’t fail to shed light on your recent recognition for best female DJ of the year at the 2009 annual DJ Stylus Awards. Congratulations! That is a major accomplishment and an additive to your ongoing success. How did it feel to have that win, also to have this renowned status? Does this raise the bar for DJ Lissa Monet?

LM: Thank you! It was a great honour you know, to be singled out in that way. It only makes me want to work harder.

FC: Your DJing style seems to have every club promoter and club goer wanting a piece of the go-to-girl. What is it that has everyone in tune to your mixes and zest for music?

LM: Honestly, I don’t know. I really try not to play the same mixes twice…that keeps the challenge going for me. I really try to create a vibe with each song I select and paint a picture with each set. I love to hear people singing at the top of their lungs to new songs like “Run this town” by Jay-z or holding their heads and yelling, “that’s my shit!” to songs like Luchini by Camp Lo. It’s a great feeling.

FC: What advice would you give to inspired female DJs or women, in general, trying to make major moves?

LM: Stay persistent. Don’t back down. Compete with the best of them. Do it for all the right reasons and learn from your mistakes. And most important, stay educated on what’s current. You never know what information you retain may come in handy at some point in your career.

FC: In the future, what can we expect to see or hear from the “femme fatale” of DJing, both in the community of music and around Toronto?

LM: I wanna go back to my beginnings and just bangout mixtapes. That’s how I started in the game and I always feel like my mixtapes have been the best representation of my music knowledge and my love for discovering new music. I actually had a couple of people threaten me for new mixtapes recently, so I better get on that. *laughing*

She is so sick with it. Homegirl knows how to switch up her gear, in smooth transition, just like her mixes. There is no other that can do it like her in Toronto, she definitley got her own. Trust!

DJ Lissa Monet Mixing

DJ Stylus Award Winner 2009

DJ Lissa Monet DJ Stylus Award

Love the entire ensemble, it shouts sexylicious *Flagrant Chic*

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