Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DJ STYLUS AWARDS: Lissa Monet wins Female DJ of the Year

Just a quick shoutout and congrats to my girl DJ Lissa Monet for winning Female DJ of the year at the 2009 DJ Stylus Awards on Monday night. Yahooooooooooo!!!!!! I was honored to be one of the presenters for Female DJ of the year award in 2008, and was shocked and brokenhearted when she didn’t win. This year I couldn’t make it, but many people told me that she shouted me out in her speech. I know she knows that I was one of her very first and biggest fans from Day 1 and I mean Day 1, when I booked her on my weekly Tuesday nights @ Budo (Reign), back in 2007, and many other super cool events. Since then, to no surprise, Lissa has become one of the most sought after DJ’s in the country and I’ve always known she was a superstar, not only for her skills as a DJ and for her contribution to the Tdot community with her amazing blog, but more than anything, she’s a great person and friend. It’s so dope to me when someone recognizes their humble beginnings. lol. Love you girl, so proud of you…xo

Thanks for the shoutout Lissa! Peep her great speech below, courtesy of my girl Nebby’s blog.

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